1. djinterviewer:


    Me: So you invented Twerking?

    Diplo: Not really.  I just sort of popularized it with my track Express Yourself

    Me: So you Think You Can Dance?

    Diplo: Not really.

    Me: So you Think You Can Make Dance Music?

    Diplo: Yeah.

    Me: Would you be a Judge on that show if it was a show, “So You Think You Can Make Dance Music?”

    Diplo: Probably Not.

    Me: What if they paid you a lot of money?

    Diplo: Probably.

  2. djinterviewer:


    Me: Why Trance?

    Armin Van Buuren: Because Trance is the music I love to make. 

    Me:It has nothing to do with the fact that as a young child that super-evil hypnotist put your parents into a trance and forced them to commit heinous crimes for him all across town?

    Armin Van Buuren: What?

    Me: And now you’re trying to enact your revenge as a masked vigilante DJ, known as Armin Van Baatman?

    Armin Van Buuren: I don’t—

    Me: Don’t worry.  Your secret is safe with me.  ;)

  3. djinterviewer:


    Me: Is it ever lonely being out there on the road alone?

    Disclosure: Well there’s two of us.

    Me: Oh.

    Disclosure: Do you have any other questions?

    Me: No, that was it.

  4. djinterviewer:


    Me: Is it HARD running Hard?

    Destructo:  Yeah, it’s incredibly challenging.  Booking new and unique talent that not only we believe in, but also can sell tickets.

    Me: What’s the most amount of tickets you’ve sold?

    Destructo:  Hard Summer this year was 50,000 people.

    Me: What’s the most amount of tickets you’ve sold in YOUR dreams?  A million person festival?

    Destructo: That sounds like too many people.

    Me: Who would headline a million person festival?

    Destructo: Probably Daft Punk

    Me: Yeah, but you couldn’t get them.  

  5. djinterviewer:


    Me: How SICK is it to be from Sweden?

    AVICII: Sweden is a very beautiful country and has a lot of history—

    Me: Oh, I’m so sorry.  That was really insensitive of me.  I didn’t mean to make a ‘sick’ joke.  I know that you’re sick…

    AVICII: I didn’t take it as one.

    Me: Well now I’m just putting my foot in my mouth over here! 

    AVICII: It’s really okay.

    Me: Are you okay though for real, Health-wise?

    AVICII: Taking some time off from touring to make that sure I will be, yes.

    Me: Yeah, I KNOW.  I had tickets to see you at Escape and now NOTHING.  Sorry to make it all about me, but I’m really unhappy about this.


  6. I wrote this review for Groundislava who is a musician I very much enjoy for the website BitCandy that I write for sometimes. COOL.

  7. djinterviewer:


    Me: Of all your super funny Instagram characters, which one do you like best?

    Dillon: Well, I guess Hanzel— he was my first and….you always remember your first.

    Me: What was your first sexual encounter like?

    Dillon: That’s extremely personal. 

    Me: Mine was with a girl called Nadia.  She was a Russian gymnast and gave me a blowie behind the Stop & Shop.  It sucked… if you get my double entendre.

    Dillon: Sure do.

    Me: What’s your favorite Double Entendre?

    Dillon: That one, right there.

    Me: I’m honored.

  8. djinterviewer:


    Me: Of all the songs you’ve produced, which one are your most proud of?

    Calvin: Oh, that’s so hard to say—

    Me: We Found Love.  It all went downhill from there.

    Calvin: What do you mean it all went downhill from there?

    Me: Oh no offense.  You just like can never do better than that.

    Calvin: I don’t know, I think the Summer  is pretty good

    Me: Nah. Not Even.

  9. djinterviewer:


    Me: Where’d you get that cool DJ name?

    Deadmau5: Come on man, that’s really the question you’re going to ask?

    Me: Is it because you have a cat or something?

    Deadmau5: Dude, you know I have a cat.

    Me: What’s HIS name?

    Deadmau5: Professor Meowingtons

    Me: That’s a good name.  

    Deadmau5: Thanks.

  10. djinterviewer:


    Me:  What do you like better Ibiza or Burning Man?

    Carl Cox:  That’s impossible to choose.  They’re both so—

    Me:  I know but you like have to.  You’re on a deserted island and can only take one with you.

    Carl Cox:  Well If I’m on a Deserted Island then Burning Man, cause Ibiza is an island and we could just turn the whole thing into Burning Man: Ibiza, I guess.

    Me: That’s not fair. You basically skirted the question and now get to have your cake and eat it too. What’s your favorite kind of cake?  

    Carl Cox: Tres Leche.

    Me: Holy shit, me too!

  11. blahblahblahsoundbleedhomepage:

    Live From The Soundbleed Garage: The Darkside Mirror

    We built a studio in my garage and me and my rave bros hang out down there and shoot the shit about dance music.  

    Jeb is trying to get us to go to Nocturnal Wonderland but I’m pretty busy over here trying to win an eBay auction for the smashed Darkside Mirror. Who will prevail.

  12. blahblahblahsoundbleedhomepage:

    HOW WAS IT?! - Gesaffelstein [Fonda Theatre - Hollywood - 2014.05.23]

    Went to the Fonda in Hollywood to ask Los Angeles what they thought of the Gesaffelstein show.  I thought it was utter garbage shit.  They didn’t believe me.

  13. blahblahblahsoundbleedhomepage:

    HOW WAS IT? - Hardwell (#1 DJ Edition) 

    Where we met and talked to kids at the Hardwell show right after he had been nominated as DJ Mag’s #1 DJ.

  14. August 21st 9PM-2AM

    Los Globos [3040 W. Sunset Blvd]

    Free before 10PM, $5 After

    Comedy from Soundbleed w/ Kurt Kroeber (featuring Jeb Heil, Curt Neill, James Mackey, Dale Bumblis, Nathaniel Jackson)

    TWO NEW AWESOME VIDEOS directed by Joaquin Poblete! (featuring Eric Dadourian, Mike Price, Mickey Schiff, Astronomar and KURT KROEBER [duh])

    Music from Postage, Nathaniel Chase, Dance Cohen and Nautlius


    (Source: blahblahblahsoundbleedhomepage)

  15. UMMM…

    Input/Output released this Shambhala Experience trailer and my giddiness just went from 10 to 100.  AND THIS WAS ON A 1-10 SCALE.


    so goddamn soon.