1. djinterviewer:


    Me: What happened out there?

    Shiba San: What do you mean?

    Me: Played the same songs as everyone else, man!  Don’t you know that ‘Okay’ is like the most overplayed song of 2014?

    Shiba San: Yeah, but it’s my song.

    Me: Doesn’t mean you should play it, does it?

    Shiba San: Well yeah, kind of. 

    Me: Agree to disagree?  

    Shiba San: Fine.

  3. Dirtybird Players

  4. djinterviewer:


    Me: DJ Mag’s Top 100, and you’re the top DJ two years in a row.  How do you do it?

    Hardwell: Bots.

    Me: Bots?

    Hardwell: Yes. I’ve outsourced the programming of a couple million VoteBots to a kid I met on the internet.  Essentially what happens is the Bots act like people.  They come to the DJ Mag Poll, running an automated program and vote for me 5 times, every day, over and over again.  

    Me: That’s super interesting.  How did you come up with that idea?

    Hardwell: Well, I was getting pretty frustrated at not being the #1DJ. I mean I’d been at this four years, I think I deserve some recognition.

    Me: Absolutely.

    Hardwell: So I google searched “ways to cheat at online polls” and found this. From what my guy tells me, it’s actually an incredibly simple web application and anyone could do it.  I just must be the only one with big enough balls. 

    Me: How big are your balls? 

    Hardwell: Believe it or not, relatively small.

  5. blahblahblahsoundbleedhomepage:

    Shambhala: What Does the Fractal Forest Look Like?

    We went up to Shambhala and shot a bunch of sketches.  Cameras weren’t allowed in the Fractal Forest (which is one of the coolest stages in the universe) so instead we talked to the #shamfam and asked them to paint a picture for us.

    Then we asked our friends to literally paint a picture for us.  Let’s see how they did!

  6. djinterviewer:


    KURT: So you’re the head of Dirtybird Records? 

    CLAUDE VON STROKE: Yup.  Big Boss man in charge.

    KURT: Do they ever call you Big Bird?

    CLAUDE VONSTROKE: Ha! Yes actually. Justin [Martin] calls me Big Bird all the time.

    KURT: Who would be Angry Bird?

    CLAUDE VONSTROKE: That’s a tough one.  We’re all a bunch of fun-loving guys.  I’m going to have to go with Eats [Everything] though.  He likes to play a curmudgeon on the internet.

    KURT: Who is the best at flipping the bird?


    KURT: HAHAHAHAHAH I didn’t even think of that. Oh my God.  That’s all the birds I can think of. Thanks for interviewing with me for Bird Talk Magazine.

  7. djinterviewer:


    Me: What’s the RL in RL Grime stand for?

    RL Grime: It’s a play on words from RL Stine.

    Me: Oh! Hahahahaa! I thought it was because you made grimey trap.  

    RL Grime: Yeah, well that too.

    Me: Like the goosebumps dude?

    RL Grime: Yeah.

    Me: Hahahahahah! Oh Man! That’s fucking hysterical. For real?

    RL Grime: Yup.

    Me: Too good.  TOO good.  So why isn’t your music more spooky?

    RL Grime: Dunno.

  8. djinterviewer:


    Me: You DJ, Play Saxaphone and Play Drums all at the same time.  How do you do that?

    Big Gigantic: There are actually two of us.

    Me: Oh.  So who does what? 

    Big Gigantic: Jeremy drums and Dom DJs and plays saxaphone.

    Me: Yeah, but who’s DJing while Dom plays saxophone then?

    Big Gigantic: The show is designed so we don’t have to have both happen at the same time. Saxaphone wouldn’t work while we’re mixing.  It’s for the part in between.

    Me: Interesting. Were you guys in Band in high school?

    Big Gigantic: Yeah, why?

    Me: Cause instruments are for DORKS.

  9. djinterviewer:


    Me: How do you feel about breaking the EDM biz?

    Porter Robinson: Pretty proud actually.  My name album Worlds and it’s Live show are not for the ragers.  It is for the people  who actually listen to and support my music.

    Me: But where do all the Ragers go? To the moon?

    Porter Robinson: Sure, I guess.  

    Me: So you’re saying we should send everyone who Rages to the moon?  Isn’t that pretty drastic?

    Porter Robinson: You’re putting words in my mouth.

    Me: Porter Robinson says “Send all the Ragers to Space Internment Camps on the Moon, and anyone that doesn’t comply, kill them.”  Porter Robinson, more like Pol Pot Robinson.

    Porter Robinson: I didn’t say that.

    Me: You didn’t say any of this.  This is glorified fan-fiction, man.

    Porter Robinson: Oh yeah, right. 

  10. Google search me: Ravers who are turnt.

  11. djinterviewer:


    Me: So what was it like acting opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday?

    Lindsay Lowend: Come on.

    Me: No, you come on!  You really expect with a name like Lindsay Lowend I’m not gonna make Lindsay Lohan jokes?  Are you crazy? What was it like going Lez with Samantha Ronson?  Did you know her brother Mark Ronson is the shit?

    Lindsay Lowend: I did.  His album Record Collection is fantastic.

    Me: Do you wish career was doing as well today as it was in the early 2000s?

    Lindsay Lowend: I didn’t even have a career in the early 2000s.

    Me: Yeah, it’s like you two SWITCHED careers. Would you star in a Freaky Friday remake with Lindsay Lowend where she becomes a dope Producer and DJ and you become a dumb whore?

    Lindsay Lowend: Can i do the soundtrack?

    Me: I was really hoping we could get Mark Ronson, but yeah you can do it if he doesn’t want to.

  12. djinterviewer:


    Me: So you a like a DJ or a cartoon?  I don’t understand.

    Major Lazer: We’re actually—

    Me: How would a cartoon character even DJ? Is someone live animating while you mix?

    Major Lazer: No—

    Me: Then how? Oh no! Are you just using pre-recorded sets? Tsk tsk.

    Major Lazer: We don’t—

    Me: Are you like a real cartoon character like Roger Rabbit or a cartoon cartoon character like Stewie from Family Guy?

    Major Lazer: Cartoon cartoon character.

    Me: Oh that explains a lot of things.  So you like aren’t real?

    Major Lazer: No.

    Me: Okay, phew.  I’d never met a cartoon before.  Didn’t wanna start now.

  13. djinterviewer:


    Me: So which one of you is Flume?

    What So Not: Flume and I work together on productions.  But I DJ our tracks.

    Me: When is Flume gonna show up?

    What So Not: I don’t think he’s going to mate. 

    Me: Why not? My friend Byron told me that What So Not was half Flume.  But you’re ALL not Flume.  What do you have to say to that?

    What So Not: Anytime you’re seeing What So Not not on the Internet, it’s just me.

    Me: Man, I love the internet.   Do you?

    What So Not: Of course I do!

    Me: What’s your favorite website.

    What So Not: djinterviewer.tumblr.com, duh!

    Me: Thanks for the plug.

    What So Not: No problem.

  14. djinterviewer:


    Me: What kind of music do you DJ?

    Pasquale Rotella: I don’t actually DJ. 

    Me: Then why the fuck am I talking to you?

    Pasquale Rotella: Well I’m the head experience creator of Insomniac.  I’m responsible for Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Escape and hundreds of other events across the country.

    Me: Well, what kind of music would you DJ if you did DJ?

    Pasquale Rotella: I’ve got such a wide taste, I wouldn’t even know how to start.  Really any song from any of the DJs at one of my events.

    Me: Like “Turn Down For What”?

    Pasquale Rotella: Probably not that one.

  15. Shambhala Tickets go on sale November 1st, 2014

    We went up and shot sketches there (coming SOON) and I can’t wait to go back with all of my friends and have the most magical time. 

    This place is perfect. Don’t sleep, buy one as soon as you can.  Just so you can lock yourself into an experience that you won’t regret.

    Imagine the rave of your dreams.  Just you. Spiderman and all of the Funk in the Universe getting down in the woods.  

    so much <3 for this fest, can’t even put it into words.