1. UMMM…

    Input/Output released this Shambhala Experience trailer and my giddiness just went from 10 to 100.  AND THIS WAS ON A 1-10 SCALE.


    so goddamn soon.


  2. My boy and the king of things PostAge crushed it on his new Booty Tape Mix.  

    I finally got around to listening to this because I have a home again and DAMN girl u gotta listen.  If you don’t you’ll be sad.  But your BOOTY will be sadder.

    Cause I know it loves to shake.


  3. The homie Erick Neutron has a new alias - SantanaC that has been vibing on the Soundbleed team since he premiered the alias with us at out June show.  

    I would have posted this earlier but I’ve been on the road living out of my car like a fucking hippie.  Listen 2 it.  Friends of friends are friends of friends.

  4. YO!! 

    Shambhala is coming up and even though I’m barely a human from being on the road for the past 6+ weeks I’m absolutely jazzed to go to this festival and work my balls off.

    That being said…. I am going to party at a couple of sets…

    Beats Antique

    basically all of the B’s on the lineup.  And they’re all featured on this video of Shambhala Family Favorites. 

    Awww… I guess I’m already part of the Family.

    They forgot Soundbleed though… and Astronomar.

    Okee. Let’s Party.

    O YEAH.  It’s almost sold out.  So if you wanna come join our adventure GIT ON IT.  

    Iz probably gonna sell out by the time doors open on 8/6. SO maybe u just buy your ticket right now and come and party with us?  Or maybe you just buy a Sunday only ticket at the gate?  But also, I dont know anyone who lives in B.C. so those people would all be LA based.  That’s a long drive for one night of music.  But then again… IT DOES LOOK THAT DOPE.

  5. OMG i love watching the show!

  6. the more and more I see about Shambhala tells me that this is the home. 

    this is the place where soundbleed belongs.

    this is where the hippie-ravers must ALL make their pilgrimage.

    holy shit.


    Weather is beautiful and it’s festival season across the great continent of North America.  I spent sometime in the United States hitting Firefly Gathering, Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest in three weeks.

    Now I wanna go up North, to Canada and take it what another country has to offer us festival wise. 

    Holy shit I can’t wait to see what this place is like.

  8. But for real.  lookin how fucking ridiculous fantastic and awesome Shambhala looks.  

    I want 2 go to canaDa.

    + Astronomar is playing.  He’s a fucking champion!


    The ultimate of all the hippie-raver festivals!  Friend of Soundbleed Astronomar is playing and he’s going to absolutely crush it!  I really really wish I was going to Candada for this amazing adventure.

    Holy Shit this is the place where I belong.

    I could literally go through this lineup and excitedly name everybody with exclamation points at the end but let me just do three holy shit ones!




    I WANT 2 BE 2 THERE!

  11. Soundbleed Rave Report [2014.05.23]

    Krewella marries some ppl!
    DJ Dodger Stadium is AWES
    New shit from aXwell & iNgrosso

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  12. Soundbleed Rave Report [2014.05.16]

    Still making jokes about raves.  we did this rave report live at Los Globos on 5/14.  Astronomar DJed.  It was dope.

    Space Ibiza’s Opening Night!
    Aphex Twin Puts an Album Up on Kickstarter!
    Armin Only Takes Over SoCal!

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  13. FESTCENTER (Coachella 2014)

    Just like ESPN’s minutia coverage of all things sports.  Soundbleed is teaming up with E-SPN to bring you all the know on what’s going on in the festival universe.

    We bring you the highlights from Coachella 2014.

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  14. Soundbleed TAKES ON Coachella Weekend 1

    We tried to go to Coachella Weekend 1 without a ticket or access to any cool parties.  This is what happened.

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  15. How Was It?! - Crush: Valentine’s Day Rave w/ Laidback Luke and Tritonal [Nos Events Center - 2015.02.15]

    All of SoCal’s sweethearts came out on Valentine’s Day to Rave and be in Love.  We annoy them with dumb questions!!!  At NOS events center in San Bernadino on 2/15/14

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