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    Live From The Soundbleed Garage: The Darkside Mirror

    We built a studio in my garage and me and my rave bros hang out down there and shoot the shit about dance music.  

    Jeb is trying to get us to go to Nocturnal Wonderland but I’m pretty busy over here trying to win an eBay auction for the smashed Darkside Mirror. Who will prevail.

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    HOW WAS IT?! - Gesaffelstein [Fonda Theatre - Hollywood - 2014.05.23]

    Went to the Fonda in Hollywood to ask Los Angeles what they thought of the Gesaffelstein show.  I thought it was utter garbage shit.  They didn’t believe me.

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    HOW WAS IT? - Hardwell (#1 DJ Edition) 

    Where we met and talked to kids at the Hardwell show right after he had been nominated as DJ Mag’s #1 DJ.

  4. August 21st 9PM-2AM

    Los Globos [3040 W. Sunset Blvd]

    Free before 10PM, $5 After

    Comedy from Soundbleed w/ Kurt Kroeber (featuring Jeb Heil, Curt Neill, James Mackey, Dale Bumblis, Nathaniel Jackson)

    TWO NEW AWESOME VIDEOS directed by Joaquin Poblete! (featuring Eric Dadourian, Mike Price, Mickey Schiff, Astronomar and KURT KROEBER [duh])

    Music from Postage, Nathaniel Chase, Dance Cohen and Nautlius


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  5. UMMM…

    Input/Output released this Shambhala Experience trailer and my giddiness just went from 10 to 100.  AND THIS WAS ON A 1-10 SCALE.


    so goddamn soon.


  6. My boy and the king of things PostAge crushed it on his new Booty Tape Mix.  

    I finally got around to listening to this because I have a home again and DAMN girl u gotta listen.  If you don’t you’ll be sad.  But your BOOTY will be sadder.

    Cause I know it loves to shake.


  7. The homie Erick Neutron has a new alias - SantanaC that has been vibing on the Soundbleed team since he premiered the alias with us at out June show.  

    I would have posted this earlier but I’ve been on the road living out of my car like a fucking hippie.  Listen 2 it.  Friends of friends are friends of friends.

  8. YO!! 

    Shambhala is coming up and even though I’m barely a human from being on the road for the past 6+ weeks I’m absolutely jazzed to go to this festival and work my balls off.

    That being said…. I am going to party at a couple of sets…

    Beats Antique

    basically all of the B’s on the lineup.  And they’re all featured on this video of Shambhala Family Favorites. 

    Awww… I guess I’m already part of the Family.

    They forgot Soundbleed though… and Astronomar.

    Okee. Let’s Party.

    O YEAH.  It’s almost sold out.  So if you wanna come join our adventure GIT ON IT.  

    Iz probably gonna sell out by the time doors open on 8/6. SO maybe u just buy your ticket right now and come and party with us?  Or maybe you just buy a Sunday only ticket at the gate?  But also, I dont know anyone who lives in B.C. so those people would all be LA based.  That’s a long drive for one night of music.  But then again… IT DOES LOOK THAT DOPE.

  9. OMG i love watching the show!

  10. the more and more I see about Shambhala tells me that this is the home. 

    this is the place where soundbleed belongs.

    this is where the hippie-ravers must ALL make their pilgrimage.

    holy shit.


    Weather is beautiful and it’s festival season across the great continent of North America.  I spent sometime in the United States hitting Firefly Gathering, Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest in three weeks.

    Now I wanna go up North, to Canada and take it what another country has to offer us festival wise. 

    Holy shit I can’t wait to see what this place is like.

  12. But for real.  lookin how fucking ridiculous fantastic and awesome Shambhala looks.  

    I want 2 go to canaDa.

    + Astronomar is playing.  He’s a fucking champion!


    The ultimate of all the hippie-raver festivals!  Friend of Soundbleed Astronomar is playing and he’s going to absolutely crush it!  I really really wish I was going to Candada for this amazing adventure.

    Holy Shit this is the place where I belong.

    I could literally go through this lineup and excitedly name everybody with exclamation points at the end but let me just do three holy shit ones!




    I WANT 2 BE 2 THERE!

  15. Soundbleed Rave Report [2014.05.23]

    Krewella marries some ppl!
    DJ Dodger Stadium is AWES
    New shit from aXwell & iNgrosso

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