1. OMG i love watching the show!

  2. the more and more I see about Shambhala tells me that this is the home. 

    this is the place where soundbleed belongs.

    this is where the hippie-ravers must ALL make their pilgrimage.

    holy shit.


    Weather is beautiful and it’s festival season across the great continent of North America.  I spent sometime in the United States hitting Firefly Gathering, Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest in three weeks.

    Now I wanna go up North, to Canada and take it what another country has to offer us festival wise. 

    Holy shit I can’t wait to see what this place is like.

  4. But for real.  lookin how fucking ridiculous fantastic and awesome Shambhala looks.  

    I want 2 go to canaDa.

    + Astronomar is playing.  He’s a fucking champion!


    The ultimate of all the hippie-raver festivals!  Friend of Soundbleed Astronomar is playing and he’s going to absolutely crush it!  I really really wish I was going to Candada for this amazing adventure.

    Holy Shit this is the place where I belong.

    I could literally go through this lineup and excitedly name everybody with exclamation points at the end but let me just do three holy shit ones!




    I WANT 2 BE 2 THERE!

  7. Soundbleed Rave Report [2014.05.23]

    Krewella marries some ppl!
    DJ Dodger Stadium is AWES
    New shit from aXwell & iNgrosso

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  8. Soundbleed Rave Report [2014.05.16]

    Still making jokes about raves.  we did this rave report live at Los Globos on 5/14.  Astronomar DJed.  It was dope.

    Space Ibiza’s Opening Night!
    Aphex Twin Puts an Album Up on Kickstarter!
    Armin Only Takes Over SoCal!

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  9. FESTCENTER (Coachella 2014)

    Just like ESPN’s minutia coverage of all things sports.  Soundbleed is teaming up with E-SPN to bring you all the know on what’s going on in the festival universe.

    We bring you the highlights from Coachella 2014.

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  10. Soundbleed TAKES ON Coachella Weekend 1

    We tried to go to Coachella Weekend 1 without a ticket or access to any cool parties.  This is what happened.

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  11. How Was It?! - Crush: Valentine’s Day Rave w/ Laidback Luke and Tritonal [Nos Events Center - 2015.02.15]

    All of SoCal’s sweethearts came out on Valentine’s Day to Rave and be in Love.  We annoy them with dumb questions!!!  At NOS events center in San Bernadino on 2/15/14

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  12. I wake up every single morning drenched in a cold sweat from the same nightmare.  On repeat, over and over again since March 2013.  I miss them so much. The world is dark and scary without the Swedish House Mafia.



    -Boys Noize & Mr. Oizo (The Hand Breakers)

    -Nicolas Jaar and Jamie xx (WHAAAAT?)

    - Skrillex & Crash Bandicoot (LOLOL)

  14. Making jokes about dance music for a “living”

    - Dada Life better be careful during their Hot Air Ballon Festival
    - I Love the “Under The Electric Sky” Trailer
    - I HATE SNL’s spoof of Skrillex

    this week’s concert of the week is

    [WED 5/14] SOUNDBLEED w/ Kurt Kroeber at Los Globos feat. Astronomar, Erick Neutron, PostAge, Dance Cohen

    cause there would be any other shows as important this week?

  15. Lets hope this doesn’t happen at the @dadalife hot air balloon rave!